Our use of 100% injection presses provides us with consistent manufacturing process capabilities for molded and mold-bonded products. This combination of standardized press operations, coupled with uniform processing measures, allow set-up flexibility with low scrap rates. The net result - We can provide our customers the quality products they require with reduced lead times and greater scheduling options. This flexibility in production capacity permits delivery of an impressive array of automotive molded and bonded rubber products. Our processes produce everything from molded chassis isolators to multiple rate bushings and frequency tuned dampers.

Staffed 24 hours a day, our 3 shift manufacturing operation is a model of plant efficiency. Down time resulting from start-ups and mold changes are minimized resulting in maximized overall output capacity


Cost Containment

At Airboss Flexible Products cost control ranks second only to quality. Our entire operation is committed to this effort. Never
overlooked in this process is our overall plant layout and inventory control procedure. Incoming material is received at one end of the plant and is then smoothly and efficiently processed to the finished goods area located at the opposite end. Everything from the material storage racks and production processes to our many finishing operations geared toward just-in-time delivery. Our intensive attention to detail regularly yields more than 27 inventory turns per year, well above the 12.7 industry average.